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Ganesha Handicrafts

AAA Japanese Cultured Opal Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Necklace Jewellery

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Japanese Cultured Opals
The Japanese have also learnt how to ‘culture’ the most beautiful fiery Opals using a form of quartz called silica and zirconium oxide. You see natural opal is basically a type of quartz known as ‘silica’ and it’s the unique geological structure of this silica that makes it become an opal. The finest, vivid Blue, White and Black opals have a silica structure that makes them diffract light in a way that produces flashes of vibrant colours. Natural Blue, Black and White opals of this quality and colour can demand prices in excess of $2000, However the Japanese cultured opals, whilst displaying the same magnificent colours of a natural opal, are far more affordable. We are pleased to include them in our new range of unique Sterling Silver Jewellery.