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Ganesha Handicrafts

Aquamarine Bracelet

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The aquamarine bracelet created from unique pearls, reminiscent of the vast oceans with its bright soft blue. No stone is the same, which makes the aquamarine bracelet an  absolutely unique piece. Elegant and stylish, it fits almost any outfit.

In addition to calm, aquamarine also symbolizes peace, mental growth and is believed to give the wearer of the gemstone endurance. Aquamarine should be worn directly against the skin as possible. During meditation, the aquamarine acts on the neck chakra, but can also be used on the heart chakra. As a travel companion, it is a good luck charm and guardian of health. Aquamarine is considered a stone for lovers as it represents a happy marriage.

The perfect gift idea – our bracelets are ideal as a gift for almost any occasion. Whether for Valentine's Day or anniversary. Our bracelets are also a real highlight as a birthday or Christmas gift.

All natural gemstones are unique and therefore may slightly differ from the one shown in the pictures